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4 Types of Products Manufactured by a Wood Wall Panel Factory


4 Types of Products Manufactured by a Wood Wall Panel Factory

Applying wood wall panels enhances a classic, timeless design that creates a different loveliness to your house. There are many options for these panels provided by a wood wall panel factory that can add such beauty! What are they? Let’s check the article below.

4 Types of Wood Wall Panels Made by a Wood Wall Panel Factory

There are 4 popular types of wood wall panels perfect for your wall. They have different designs and patterns yet each of them offers a unique feel that can accentuate the beauty of your room.

  • Shiplap Panels

Shiplap wood panels are rising in popularity among the younger generations due to their simplicity and versatility. This paneling consists of flat boards mounted tightly to create a weatherproof seal. Nowadays, however, many people give a small gap between each wood board for rustic interior design.

Applying these panels to a wall for diagonal, vertical, or horizontal installation is easy. You can paint the boards in other colors, too. Although the panels give off a vintage look, they are also suitable for modern houses or commercial spaces since they add a natural charm to every room.

  • Beadboard Pattern Panels

The third type made by a wood wall panel factory is beadboard pattern panels. This type is excellent if you want to add a striking visual to empty spaces. It is versatile, easy to modify, and suitable for your home’s walls, ceilings, and cabinets.

Beadboards are mounted vertically with a narrow row between the wooden planks. The planks are small, but this makes it easier to install at any height. This panel type can be found in farmhouses, contemporary houses, cottages, and homestays near beaches.

  • Flat Panels

Flat panels are the right pick for you if you desire a polished and clean look. These panels are famous for their simple design and thin size. Thus, it is used in formal or commercial spaces such as offices and meeting rooms.

Since the size is small and the design is simple, flat panels are cheaper than any other. It is easy to transport and install according to your personal preference. Also, these panels’ fine and smooth texture give a wider viewing angle accentuating the furniture in any room.

  • Reclaimed Wood Panels

Reclaimed wood panels have two other names: pallet and barn wood. This type refers to the use of top-quality wood from old buildings such as houses, barns, wine casts, or ships. It usually has a rough texture and unfinished look, suitable for places with a similar ambiance to vintage cafes or art studios.

This type is preferred by many people who want to add contrast to their modern houses or those who like the unique charms of an aged and rustic appearance on a wall. Due to its origin, a reclaimed wood panel is environmentally friendly and has stronger durability than virgin wood.

Made in a wood wall panel factory, these four panels are the popular picks by many people in recent years. If you are looking for reclaimed wood panels, Safira Wood has several products made of quality Teak wood. Visit our homepage for more details!

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