Reclaimed Wood Wall Panel Supplier : A Guide to What to Consider | Safira Wood

Reclaimed Wood Wall Panel Supplier : A Guide to What to Consider


Reclaimed Wood Wall Panel Supplier : A Guide to What to Consider

Are you thinking of starting a wood wall panel business? Then, finding the right reclaimed wood wall panel supplier is a crucial step for it. Discovering the ideal supplier for your business is one of the most demanding aspects of starting a business. With so many choices available, you might encounter an obstacle in choosing the right one. So, how do you begin?

Things to Consider in Searching for a Reclaimed Wood Wall Panel Supplier

Reclaimed wood wall panels are made from sustainable sources. That does not mean you cannot get the best out of the products. Many households have considered it a great choice to use reclaimed wood wall panels for interior design.

If you want to provide excellent service and products for your future customer, consider these 3 things in searching for a supplier.

  • The Wood Quality

Reclaimed wood is generally durable and strong, as is the furniture made from this material. Over time, reclaimed wood has been used for making old houses, factories, warehouses, and equipment. However, you still need to check the quality of the reclaimed wood for wall panels offered by suppliers. The products might have some flaws from previous use.

  • The Wall Panel Design

A reclaimed wood wall panel supplier has different signature designs from the others. Some suppliers only produce a limited number of methods, while others cover many choices. If you are new in this business, it is better to research which designs are popular in the current market.

  • The Supplier’s Reputation and Customer Support

These two might be the most important things to consider in picking a supplier. A good reputation means that various businesses have trusted the supplier. Responsive customer support means you do not have to worry about any technical problem occurring in the future. So, delve into the details of your chosen supplier!

Safira Wood, Supplying Quality Reclaimed Wood Wall Panel from Indonesia

You do not need to look far for a great reclaimed wood wall panels supplier because Safira Wood provides several outstanding products with creative designs!

Safira Wood is a wooden furniture and wood wall panels supplier in Surakarta, Indonesia. Since years ago, we have been producing environmentally friendly wood wall panels.

We are confident that our products are loved by many clients overseas because of their excellent quality, fine finish, and creative designs. We carefully select each old wood from a notable company in the country.

For example, our wall panel Sakura is made of durable old Teak wood. It has a 10 to 50 millimeters thickness and 65 x 20 centimeters dimension. Also, it has a beautiful horizontal mosaic stripe pattern, suitable for rustic house wall decoration.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a reputable and best quality reclaimed wood wall panel supplier from Indonesia! We still have other high-quality wall panels made of old yet durable Teak wood. We would love to help you supply your needs.

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